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"Seriously. Deric Rosenblatt is one of the most caring, supportive, gracious, ass-kicking, trustworthy voice teachers EVER."

Eden Espinosa

Broadway Star

"If you think you are simply going to a voice lesson when you step into Vocal Power Studios, you are mistaken. My lesson time with Deric always presents inspirational challenges to the body, mind, and spirit. He possesses amazing clairvoyant skills to read into your soul and help identify those things that are happening (or failing to happen) physically, which allows you to sing your best. My years of training with Deric have allowed my voice to reach new heights. He is a kind, loving, intuitive, generous, wise, thoughtful, inviting, and precise teacher. He sacrifices everything for the well-being of his students."

Ginna Claire Mason

Broadway Star

"My favorite thing about studying with Deric is that he curates his lessons and warm ups based on YOUR voice. He doesn’t try to change what makes you unique and special, he only enhances and makes you more comfortable in your range, sustain, and power.  He’s amazing."

Maelyn Jarmon

Winner of NBC’s THE VOICE Season 16

"I feel confident that we have added so many more years onto my singing career, His knowledge, passion, and desire to share make each lesson an exciting journey of discovery for me."

Donna McKechnie

Tony Award Winner and Broadway Legend

"I have been performing poetry for a few years now without any formal training. This year, I started working with Deric because I wanted to find ways to grow as a performer. It’s an honour to work with the best, and Deric is the best. Deric is brilliant, thorough, and has helped transform the way I speak and perform. I used to make my voice sound less powerful before I started working with him, and in these last few months I’ve found myself stepping into the full strength of my voice. I am no longer changing the way I speak to sound less powerful. I’ve been breaking out of unhealthy habits, and it translates on stage. Through his teachings, he celebrates what makes me unique, and helps to amplify it."

Rupi Kaur

New York Times Best-Seller

"Deric Rosenblatt, whom I affectionately call DR is a brilliant vocal coach and one of my dearest friends. Growing older brings changes to the vocal cords. Through vocal exercise and encouragement my voice can emerge strong yet sensitive. For bringing out the best in the voice I couldn’t recommend anyone better!"

Diane Schuur “Deedles”

Jazz Legend – Two Time Grammy Award Winner

"I have always been hesitant to take lessons to improve my voice because I worried that formal training would change the way I sounded. I like the way I sound. With SCHOOL OF ROCK, I carry a score that is one of the biggest sings on Broadway right now and wear and tear is inevitable. Longevity became a concern. Enter Deric Rosenblatt, the sidekick I never knew I needed. With Deric and Vocal Power LLC, I am not starting from scratch, but rather utilizing the tools I have already acquired over the years. Deric is just teaching me how to sharpen those tools. These are not so much voice lessons as they are intriguing, thought-provoking, and breakthrough sessions that garner much more than just a better and healthier voice and way of singing. This is a way of life for me now. I breathe differently. I think differently. But I don’t sing differently. I just sing better. I still like the way I sound. But now I will be able to like it for a hell of a lot longer."

Alex Brightman

Two-Time Tony Nominee

"I began working with Deric after a long break from studying voice, and I am so glad I did. My work with Deric is consistently therapeutic and rigorous. My voice has never been stronger–his techniques encourage total vocal health, and he has a seemingly endless array of tools which he employs. But more importantly, he is a loving, supportive friend in and out of the studio. He gives with respect, energy and heart, that fuels his singers in every way."

Morgan James

International Recording Artist


BEHIND VOCAL POWER PRESENTS… Deric Rosenblatt teaches some of the world’s most accomplished singers. Vocal Power Presents was created in order to be able to share his knowledge of the training of the voice in a real and raw way so that you, the singer, can learn by watching how successful professional artists work. You will see all kinds of study along the path to finding one’s true voice in it’s healthiest, most efficient, most natural production. His methods are based on the artistic needs of the singer, anatomy, science, and 30 years of teaching.

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Building technical knowledge with stylistic needs

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